RC Tractors

How to convert die cast models into radio controlled models

About RC Tractors

RC Tractors is a website dedicated to the conversion of diecast farm and construction models into functioning radio controlled models. This site will provide you with both a place to find the information you need to create homemade rc farm machinery and also a place for you to share your experiences. Whether you simply want to take an exsisting rc car, gut it and use the parts to make your tractor move or you want to add lights, functioning three point link, anything you can think of really you'll be able to find your answer here.

One of the mains reasons you may wish to make your own rc model is simply because the vehicle you want is not available as a ready made rc model or the detail is not up to the standard you want. One possible way you could do your modifications is to buy the model you want as a SIKU diecast model, then buy an exsisting SIKU Control 32 tractor which is around the dimensions of the model you want, remove the parts and try to fit them into your model. It may not be that simple and will probably take a bit of work to get perfect but if you persevere it'll be worth it in the end.