RC Tractors

How to convert die cast models into radio controlled models

Add some RC Tractors to your Toy Box

Model making has always been very popular, for some reason people enjoy making scale replicas of impressive buildings or machines and in most cases the scale models are just as impressive. Now that technology is moving on it is becoming easier to get your hands on complex miniaturized electronics but more importantly the knowledge of how to use these parts is only a google search away. This means that anyone can now easily bring their creations to life. 

RC Tractors and other vehicles are a great way to bring a farm or construction diorama to life. If you've spent hours building your farm scene why not spend hours driving round it enjoying it more. You don't need to go out and build your own RC tractors, there are quite a few to choose from although it is most likely that the Siku control 32 range are the only models that will be up to the standard of detail you'll desire.

The Control 32 range is limited so you may not find the model that suits you in radio controlled form and that is where this site comes in. Here you should be able to find all the information you need to figure out how to build the RC models that you aren't able to buy. I'm documenting my builds so there is bound to be one or two with similar functions to anything you are trying to convert.

Siku Control 32 Range

The siku control 32 range of 1:32 scale RC tractors are the most detailed RC farm vehilces you are going to find.

Build the RC models you can't buy

In some cases you'll have to convert a diecast model to RC simply because it's not available as a radio controlled model.